Please Help Us Plant 4 Trees During Alamosa Arbor Week 2015

Tree City 25 years

Diamond Park, 3 pm, Friday, April 17
Two Willow Trees

Carroll Park, 9 am, Saturday, April 18
Cottonwood and Boxelder

It’s Arbor Week and Alamosa is celebrating being a Tree City for 25 years.

From left to right: Heinz Bergann, Director of Parks and Recreation; Charlie Griego, City Councilor; Adam Moore, Tree Board; Audrey Liu, Tree Board; Josef Lucero, Mayor; Heather Brooks, City Manager; Karyl Scarlett, Tree Board.

This spring 18 trees will be planted. Alamosa received a Colorado Tree Coalition grant to conduct a street, park, and cemetery tree inventory. Based on the results, we'll plant trees in high priority locations.