Arbor Week 2019


"Beautifying the Alamosa Cemetery Entrance" &
"Shade and Windbreak for the Alamosa Recreation Center Pavilion Parking Lot"

Alamosa celebrates 29 years as a Tree City USA! 44 trees of 9 species are being planted this season thanks to funding by an Xcel Foundation Grant, a Codlolrado Tree Coalition Grant, and the City of Alamosa.


Planting evergreens along the Alamosa Cemetery entrance. Thanks to the Alamosa Department of Parks and Recreation and to the Alamosa Tree Board. From left to right: Vicente Apodaca, Megan Dudley, Dennis deHererra, Clint Kesson, Danny Govea, Dan Espinosa, Dalton Carleo, Jeremy Arellano, Andy Rice, Duncan McWirter, and Hubert Price.


Left: straightening a new tree at the Rec Center. Above: Digging in to plant trees at the Rec Center


Julie Scott and the Alamosa Dept. of Parks and Recreation crew discuss the evergreen planting along the Alamosa Cemetery entrance.

Do you wonder why we plant a variety of tree species each year?

Diversity is very important to the creation and maintenance of a healthy urban forest. For many years folks in the Midwest planted row upon row of elm trees to line residential streets. Apparently, people desired uniformity the trees were magnificent until the Dutch elm disease hit wiping out millions of elms around the country.  Later, ash trees were the species of choice for many housing developments in our country. Then the emerald ash borer found its way to America and now many trees in our country are dying. Arborists (usually not an alarmist group) warn that it’s only a matter of time before the borer finds its way to Alamosa.

Planting a diversity of species reduces the chances of all trees in an area being infected by a debilitating pest.  Also, different trees grow and age at different rates.  If you plant a variety, you can replace a small portion of the trees when needed, not the entire park or street.


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Download a copy of the Alamosa Tree Board Brochure: Learn how to select the right tree, plant it correctly in the right place, and properly maintain your tree. Produced by the Alamosa Tree Board, the brochure was supported by information from the Colorado State Forest Service and print funding from the Colorado Tree Coalition.