Tree Detail

Acer ginnala


Maple, Amur or Ginnala

Acer ginnala   "Flame"

Category: deciduous tree   Size: small

Mature Size: 20-30 ' x 20-25'

Zone: Down to 3   Growth Rate: slow

Foliage: 3-lobed leaves turn yellow to deep red in fall.

Elevation (if known): To 9,500 ft

Water: Adaptable watering, but prefers medium. Is drought tolerant in partial shade.

Soil : tolerates most well-drained soils but is subject to chlorosis (yellowing from lack of iron) in highly alkaline soil

Sun: Sun. But also grows in part shade/part sun.

Comments: Can take heavy pruning, makes a good screen if thickly planted. Works under power lines.

Warnings: Sapsuckers, leaf spot, heavy seeder, needs pruning to develop into a single-stemmed tree.

Alamosa Tree Board Recommended? no

Street Tree? yes   Street Tree Conditions: Suitable if pruned to single stem.

CO/NM native? no   Native to: not native to North America

Known Locations: Nice specimen on Shadow Wood Dr. near Wildwood Place. Marilyn Loser west yard (multi trunk).

Information Sources: Little Valley Wholesale Nursery 2003, Rky Mtn Gardner's Guide - Cretti: Salida, CO, Tree Guide